Sports Corner: March Madness

From unlikely upsets to last-second buzzer-beaters, the past two weeks of March Madness have shattered the hearts and brackets of fans across the globe. As the first men’s Final Four in March Madness history not to include a top-three-seeded team, it is impossible to predict what the next week of games might bring. But that does not mean we won’t try.

With that in mind, here are our picks for the Final Four and Championship games:

Starting off with the first Final Four matchup between San Diego State University and Florida Atlantic University, we anticipate a low-scoring, defense-heavy game between these two teams.

As the ninth seed, FAU was far from a tournament favorite heading into its second-ever March Madness appearance. Regardless, they have proven to have some of the best chemistry of any organization still in contention, upsetting various top-seeded schools throughout their run. On the other hand, the fifth-seeded Aztecs were considered by many to be one of the potential “sleeping giants” of this year’s tournament, despite their average seeding. As a hard-nosed defensive team, they have allowed just 57.3 points-per- game throughout their past four tournament games. With that, we see SDSU cutting FAU’s Cinderella- story short, eliminating them from the tournament.

Next, the University of Miami takes on the University of Connecticut in what we expect to be a nail-biter of a matchup.

Miami has repeatedly showcased its talent on both ends of the court, and has proven itself to be a worthy opponent for any top-seeded team. Despite not being ranked in the top three, the fourth-seeded UConn Huskies have been a consistently excellent team over the past two decades, a streak they have continued this tournament. With that said, we anticipate the Huskies taking down the Hurricanes in a high-scoring game.

Finally, in this year’s NCAA March Madness Championship game, we predict a physical, gritty matchup between UConn and SDSU

The Huskies will have plenty to prove, hoping to solidify themselves once more atop the world of men’s basketball. On the other hand, the Aztecs will look to finally prove themselves a true basketball powerhouse.

With their tenacious defense, elite ball movement and high-level shooting, we see the Aztecs taking down the Huskies, bringing home the first NCAA Championship in the program’s history.

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