Snapshots of a season: a look at TPHS spring sports

The TPHS spring sports season — a compilation of 13 CIF sports — added many notable accomplishments to the history and reputation of the athletic program.

One of the newest CIF sport teams on campus, the varsity TPHS badminton team, ended the season with a record of 4-6. 

“My plan is to help TPHS continue the badminton program,” Guangying Zhang, varsity badminton coach, said.  “So my goal was … to create a place for the students to play, to enjoy badminton.”

Currently ranked first in the state and fourth in the nation, the TPHS varsity boys golf team won the CIF Division I Championship and placed first in the North County Conference Coastal League. The team is set to compete in the CIF SoCal Regionals on May 22.

Varsity girls beach volleyball, for the third year in a row, became the undefeated Coastal League Champions. The team was runner-up in the CIF Open Division finals on May 4.

Varsity baseball (21-9) are still in the midst of playoffs.

The TPHS gymnastics team — NCC Palomar League champions — placed third overall in the CIF Division I championship, with Mia Carpenter (12) being named CIF Gymnast of the Year.

“Some of us haven’t been doing gymnastics that long and some of us have, so we put our strengths and weaknesses together,” Carpenter  said.

Georgia Nuzzo (photo by Hope Dennis/Falconer)

The varsity boys lacrosse team (17-3) dominated their competition once again, winning the CIF Open Division championship for the fourth year in a row. The team also placed first in the Avocado League.

The varsity girls lacrosse team (17-4) won the CIF Open Division Championship for the second year in a row and placed first in the league.

Stunt cheer made a comeback to TPHS a few years ago, ending the season with a record of 1-4.

“Because this is a growing sport, we’re all pretty close and supportive of each other [across] different schools, and we’re basically just experimenting this year with skills and teammate structure. This is one of the best cheer squads I’ve been on,” Ava He-Schenk (10) said.

TPHS softball, starting the season with a new home, won the Coastal League title. However, the team lost during the second round of the CIF Open Division playoffs. 

With plans for an on-site pool underway, the TPHS varsity swim and dive team won the NCC Coastal League. Boys swim went on to win the CIF Division I championship, and Ezra Purcell (12) claimed the individual championship for diving. Logan  Noguchi (12) also clinched the state title for the 100 yard butterfly and backstroke.

The TPHS varsity boys volleyball team (30-4) finished its season by winning the CIF Open Division championship, NCC league and the Redondo Union Tournament. 

“We specifically worked on serving and passing. That’s what won most of our matches,” Brandon Pho (12) said.

Junior libero, Ben Brzenski (11), felt the team’s seniors played a crucial role in their successful season.

“They took us all the way — it was completely on them,” Brzenski said.

The TPHS varsity boys tennis team demonstrated an astonishing season as CIF Open Division, All-American Invitational and league champions. They are also currently ranked fourth overall in the nation. Senior captain Robert Freedman (12) won CIF singles, and William Kleege (11) and Nile Ung (9) won doubles. 

For track and field, both boys and girls were named NCC Coastal League champions. Joey Weisman (12) won CIF champion for pole vaulting and Jackson Gross (12) for high jump. Gross is moving on to the state championships.

Some tournaments are still in progress, but the TPHS spring sports season became a celebratory one on which to close out the school year.

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