ASB plays a role in TPHS/LCC Beach Bowl

Shouts erupt from the crowd, music blares from the speakers, and down on the track ASB starts a cheer: “This is our house! This is our house!” Though everything seems stress-free, behind the scenes, football games require a substantial amount of work, particularly for the game against TPHS’ fiercest
rival, La Costa Canyon High School.
Leading up to the big game, ASB spawns excitement by creating posters. This year, over 30 were made.
Next, ASB chooses its spirit squad, a team of members down on the track during the game who will
hype up the crowd. Eva Lefferdink (12), ASB Spirit Commissioner, plays an important role in bringing the crowd together.
“People look to me because I know a lot of people, especially the seniors in the front row … I just try to get really loud and get the spirit squad to come together,” Lefferdink said.
ASB is often the first to arrive and the last to leave at football games for setup and cleanup.
“We normally start setting up right after school… We [set up the] tunnel, get the sound system working, stuff like that, super early in the day,” ASB president Grace Flanagan (12) said.
The spirit squad shows up to the track about 30 minutes before the game to kick things off.
“Down on the track it’s so much fun but it’s definitely a little stressful. We have to make sure we’re not in the cheer team’s way, and we want to keep the crowd entertained but also keep them watching the game,” Lefferdink said.
While ASB wants the crowd to be energetic and engaged, they also do not want things to get out of
Lefferdink’s expectations for the game are high: she wants “people to be respectful and listen to the spirit squad.”
Lefferdink is not the only one with expectations.
“We’ve been having meetings with Mr. Coppo and admin and we’ve been going through rules and
boundaries to have during the game for the student section,” ASB Vice President Dyl Friedland (12) said.
This is especially important considering how quickly recent football games have gotten out of hand.
At halftime at the LCC game, “Survivor” was played — an annual tradition where two seniors from each school race each other through an obstacle course set up by ASB. Lefferdink organized the first tryout on Oct. 25 at lunch, which narrowed the potential competitors down to four people who then competed at the pep rally on Oct. 27 for the final two spots. The winners from the pep rally, Ellie Davidson and Ben Trask, then took on LCC’s top two survivors at the game. TPHS took the win in “Survivor.”

SURVIVOR: Eva Lefferdink explains the rules of the Survivor game between TPHS and LCC. The TPHS team was victorious.

“We have to plan the pep rally, we have to get the students to go through all the tryouts … I have
to make the course, I have to communicate with [the] LCC [spirit commissioner],” Lefferdink said.
At both the pep rally and the halftime show, ASB representatives supervise each of the obstacles.
“Normally the class before we would have a run-through where everyone would set up their object ahead of time and know exactly where on the field it should be,” Flanagan said. “Then we do a little practice just to see what the timing’s like.”
Crowd energy during an LCC game is unlike at any other football game, according to Lefferdink.
“Everyone is so excited and riled up … because LCC is our biggest rival. This is the most exciting game,” Lefferdink said.
On the field, football players who are also on ASB play an important role.
“I talk to the ASB during the game to say ‘Cheer for us when this happens’ and ‘Don’t cheer for us when this happens,’” Friedland, who plays football, said.
ASB teacher Jennifer Ryan emphasized that “football games are a joint effort with a lot of groups on campus” including football, dance, cheer and ASB.
The rivalry game and its special halftime draw students in; some even go out of their way to attend.
“I have friends who were like ‘I wouldn’t get work off for other games but I got work off to come to this one,’” Lefferdink said.

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