Behind the scenes: what goes into winter formal

“Cupid’s Ball,” this year’s TPHS winter formal, has been in the works for two months, with the theme and venue chosen since last year. The dance will take place on Feb. 3 at the North Park Observatory — the first formal to fall in February.

Kayla Sozinho (11), an ASB activities commissioner, is in charge of planning the dance.

ASB works closely with SOS Entertainment to coordinate the DJ, music, setup, food and decorations for the venue. The theme and the venue are among the more time-consuming decisions.

“[ASB goes] on different tours to feel out which [venue] would be the best for the school,” Sozinho said.

Multiple factors are taken into consideration, such as what location would most appeal to students as well as the administrative requirements for dance locations. Another consideration is ensuring the maximum capacity of students at TPHS can fit at the venue, whether the whole student body attends or not.

TPHS Principal Rob Coppo said that administrators also play a role in the organization of school dances in order to ensure the safety of the school. ASB initially presents a plan to administration, then ASB adviser Jennifer Ryan and Assistant Principal Tracy Olander meet once a week. After much deliberation, Coppo and his team approve or disapprove the plan.

“In the decision-making process, we refer to past events to see what venues did or didn’t work,” Coppo said.

Although formal attendance typically consists of mostly freshmen and sophomores, according to ASB, the planners are doing everything they can to make the dance appealing to the upperclassmen. According to ASB Sophomore Class President Dean Smith (10), ASB is incorporating a raffle in order to encourage people to go; everyone who buys a ticket automatically is entered in the raffle.

“Freshmen and sophomores win a $75 credit for the student store, the junior receives one pair of prom tickets valued at $100 each and the senior winner receives a free senior week ticket valued at $200,” Smith said.

Former ASB activities commissioner Megan Goelitz (12) handled the behind-the-scenes of formal last year by monitoring a $30,000 budget and choosing this year’s venue.

“We have always broken even, or sometimes made a little more than we started out with, which is always the goal.” Goelitz said.

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