1 in 3000: Kian Sime

With only an iPhone in hand, Kian Sime (12) realized his passion for photography and film when he was capturing snapshots of Tokyo’s bustling metropolis.

Since leaving his hometown and moving to the U.S. as a junior, his photography career and creative portfolio evolved into much more than quick iPhone snaps. Now, with his professional cameras and lenses, Sime photographs and films anything and everything — from supercars to sports to a short film called “Loop” about social media addiction. His distinct style of shooting and editing, however, remains rooted in Japan.

“My favorite place to film is definitely around Japan, as I grew up there,” Sime said.

In busy urban atmospheres like Tokyo, there is an endless amount of intriguing “architecture, cars and people,” Sime said.

For Sime, uncovering unique angles and interesting shots has become second nature, and he believes his best work comes in bursts of spontaneity when he just wanders around with his camera.

“I don’t really look for anything in advance when going out to shoot content,” Sime said. “I’ll normally look for anything that stands out, or perhaps if the light hits it in a different way.”

Sime shoots planned content about once a week, but he also takes time to find art in simplicity, such as when he takes photos on a hike or at the beach.

“I think just being aware of my surroundings and noticing things and being observant [is] something I picked up and I think it’s an important skill,” Sime said.

Sime runs an Instagram account (@kian.sime), where he shares his extensive collection of photos and videos with the public. Each post is carefully and passionately crafted, putting his artistry on full display.

His commitment extends to other venues too. Since his junior year, Sime has run a photography and videography business that provides services such as professional portraits, sports compilations and even wedding films.

But even with a business, Sime’s first priority remains his creativity.

“It’s difficult to balance it all because there are so many things that I like to film that are hobby-related, like short films, so I try to prioritize those,” Sime said.

Still, when the opportunity comes, Sime is more than happy to help others in need of someone to shoot specific content.

At TPHS, Sime is an integral member of Falcon Vision, where he utilizes his filming and editing skills to help share captivating stories with a large audience. Sime also expanded his talents for videography to TPHS athletics, where he creates high-quality edits for different sports after school. Sime especially enjoys filming football games due to the “player-on-player” contact, saying it is “cool to film.”

Looking to the future, Sime applied to various film schools, and after getting his degree he wants to continue pursuing photography through filming sports videography and commercials, among other creative ventures.

“One day, I’d love to do a wildlife documentary on either nearly extinct animals or newly discovered animals,” Sime said.

Now, carrying around his extensive array of camera gear, Kian looks forward to continuing his already- impressive ascent into the field of photography, reaching new heights on the way up.

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