TPHS music department presents spring concert

The Falcon community filled the TPHS Performing Arts Center on March 8 for the TPHS music department’s Spring Concert.

It was the third concert of the year for the music program, which includes the choir, band, orchestra and jazz band.

“It went very well, better than I expected,” music teacher Amy Gelb said. “We were totally prepared, but all the classes took it up a notch.”

Choir opened the concert with four pieces, including Thula Kilzeo, a South African song.

“I really like choosing pieces that are completely different, that students would never come across, so I’m always looking for different cultural pieces,” Gelb said.

All of the music classes have been preparing for this concert since their last performances in December.

KC Olson (12), an alto in choir, agreed with Gelb that the concert was a success.

“Specifically for the choir, I think that the execution of the songs was a lot better, cutoffs were cleaner, nobody got lost and we were more together,” Olson said.

Following the choir, the band performed three pieces. According to flutist Scarlett Hyun (10), the band’s performance was great and went “without any serious issues.”

The orchestra performed next, joined with soloists Lauren Suh (10), a flutist in the band, and harpist Velana Valdez (12). The orchestra played two songs, the same pieces they played earlier this month at the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association Festival, at which they earned a unanimous superior rating, securing a place in regionals — the next level of competition — in May.

“I think we’re prepared for [regionals],” violinist Anthony Kim (9) said. “As a group, we were pretty cohesive, and we had a very strong performance.”

Jazz band closed the concert with seven pieces, featuring solos from several performers, including vocalist Libby Bezdek (12).

Suprising the audience, Bezdek performed a self-choreographed tap dance during one song, “Fascinating Rhythm.”

“That tap number was a tribute to Gershwin … who wrote ‘Fascinating Rhythm,’” Bezdek said, noting that the Gershwin brothers — prominent jazz songwriters in the twentieth century — were known for adding tap dancing to their jazz performances.

Overall, Gelb said the Spring Concert’s success will motivate her students to continue improving.

“I think … they’re realizing their potential,” Gelb said. “We’re trying harder music in all of our classes and we’re heading into more competitions … so I think that we’ll be at an even higher level for the next [concert].”

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