Student action needed to address bathroom vandalism

The countless incidents of vandalism from last school year have continued, exemplified by an alarming video from Aug. 31 circulating through the student body.

The shaky footage reveals a tumultuous scene: a group of TPHS boys forcefully smashing a bathroom sink with a skateboard. Thick porcelain was broken and left shattered on the ground while the raving crowd cheered and boasted.

TPHS students must show a greater level of respect toward campus resources and faculty if the outrageous trend of bathroom vandalism is to be stopped. From the viral “Devious Lick” challenges on TikTok to screenshots of Snapchat stories depicting vandalism, it is evident that wreaking havoc on campus has turned into an unspoken but clear joke among some high school students. Vandals and truants alike are joining in on destroying school property, turning what used to be regular high school restrooms into the graffiti-covered, junk hotspots found on campus today. Explicit messages such as “smoke weed every day” and “nobody f—g cares” are written and carved into stall walls, leaving custodians having to constantly scrub off a ridiculous amount of defacement. Menstrual products, provided by the school, are being glued onto walls and flung onto the ceiling. Eyewitnesses have observed pads and tampons being deliberately shoved down toilets, like money down the drain.

The dysfunctionality in TPHS bathrooms today is a direct result of the severe unappreciation and disrespect that many students have for school resources. Not only are student perpetrators following through with delinquent acts, but they are also casually leaving the aftermath of disarray for the janitors to deal with. The irresponsibility and lack of maturity in the student body is sickening and unfair to other students and custodial staff who deserve to feel safe and comfortable in a bathroom environment.

Vandalism on campus is a serious issue and needs to be addressed as such by the student body. Passivity is no longer an option. TPHS students have a tremendous voice on campus; it is time that they use it to positively change the way that our school’s resources and faculty are treated, not to encourage destructive behavior. If you see something or hear something, say something. No voice should go unheard; no action should be ignored.

At TPHS, a future without broken sinks, e-cigarette litter or unwanted graffiti is possible. But, this will only be achieved if students take responsibility for their own actions and collectively work to create a school environment everyone feels comfortable in. No one else can do this for us.

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